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My Exam on Second Life Now on Tentation

Thanks to Tentation, now you can watch my exam (I already did a post) about the video upload sites called: “Secondlife: a real new world. Life, business and toxic immersion” . The good news is that thanks to tentation I syncronized the slide with the video. Really really good.

Viral Marketing

3 Uncommon Steps of Successful Viral Marketing for Startups

A new business company gets established every day and tries to grow in the market with a bunch of marketing strategies. Some businesses get recognition due to the uniqueness of their product, and some businesses have the best marketing strategies to sell their product to the right audience. A company that fails to possess any one of these qualities will not last long in the business. The customers should be excited to hear about your new business. They should be curious about what you are offering and the perks that come along with it. While doing everything, you should always have a realistic goal in your head about your business. This way, you will be able to pick better marketing strategies for your business and keep your audience happy. While most people know the common marketing strategies like social media marketing, here are some uncommon steps your business can take today to get better traffic.

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Connect to a general idea

Our society faces a lot of problems even today, that needs the right solutions. While your product may not be the one to solve the problem of equality, you can still connect with that idea to support the cause. While you market your product, you can also send a powerful message alongside. You can share the stories of the people that use your products and use them as an emotional standpoint to connect with more people. You can stand for something that aligns with the beliefs of your customers. Selling a complete experience through your product is an uncommon way of viral marketing for your startup.

Make sharing easy with rewards

It is always better to have a team of trusted users who can be a part of the beta test for your product. It will give them a sense of responsibility to spread the word of what’s coming to the market. The users will get early access to your product, and if your product is so good that they are excited to use it, they will also want to let their friends know about it. This way, you are creating a marketing move on your audience using some part of your audience. Social proofing is a powerful tool. People will trust their friends more than a TV commercial. You can also keep rewards and special perks for the users that get early access.

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Set realistic goals

Any viral marketing strategy needs to have realistic goals. Although viral marketing ideas are meant to spread around like fire, sometimes they will not. Sometimes you may also feel that your viral marketing strategy is working, but sometimes it can get even more viral than you expected. Make sure that you are prepared to deal with both types of consequences that have the right supply for the demand. If you have created an application, you should be prepared to have a customer team to help your growing users without fail. If you lack the capacity to manage high traffics, it is better to scale back your viral marketing steps. If you cannot fulfill your growing audience’s demand, let your audience know that you need time to set-up a better service. It is always good to have the audience wait for a little than to serve them poor quality service.


Viral Marketing

Smart Viral Marketing Strategy For Cloverfield

Simply amazing the viral campaign for the new film produced to JJ Abrams (one of the author of Lost) and directed by Matt Reeves. Cloverfield basically speaks about a big monster who eats New York and the key of the film is a new way of The blair witch broject, with fake amatorial camera and a low budget. Just 25 million $.
To promote this movie a big viral campaign was produced with fake virals. One month ago, fake videos about tv news were appeared on internet who spoke about the distruction of a oil tanker in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. The owner of the oil tanker was the japanese Tagruato, a fake oil tanker company; as well the fault of this destruction was attributed to the environmentalist association TIDO Wave, as well fake.


Is Viral Marketing Dead? Thoughts on Spreadable Media

Wandering around the net looking for info for some studies I’m conducting on the current brand positioning on social media, I came across several very interesting studies created by Engagesciences . The question I have is whether the VM as we know it today or how we sell it to our customers is still valid or that it really brings value to the brand. Here are some researches.


Which Brands Grow The Most on Facebook?

One of the most interesting articles on Advertising Age these days is the one written by Jeff Neff entitled “What happens when Facebook trumps your brand site?”

In fact, while the whole media world is talking about the geo-localized war that Facebook has declared against Foursquare, Gowalla and Google, this article shows us how, in a dizzying way, the number of fans is growing on Facebook, creating “informal” relationships between brands and users.Coca Cola is growing at a dizzying number of + 90k daily while Sturbucks which also moves on other fronts such as Foursquare grows to almost 80k daily.
Furthermore, Facebook is catalyzing more and more traffic within it to the detriment of the personal sites of the brands at the expense of greater brand / user interaction; an example is the case, which in just under a year went from 1.1 million monthly users to 560k. However, the decline is also due to an incorrect email strategy.


Nike Social For The Lunarglide 2

I’ve been working on a really interesting Nike campaign for a few days. Brands have long understood that the present is social, but most of them do not understand its dynamics nor the strategies to be implemented.

Naturally, a brand like Nike is using social media a lot on the internet by involving its users (ie fans) in the campaigns it carries out. Write the future for the world championships just passed is one of the best examples of this year where users could vote who would be the protagonist of the world championship for them .. even if all the big testimonials were eliminated before the semifinals ..

On the same social red thread, Nike is now proposing a contest for the release of the new Lunarglide 2. The competition includes the customization of the shoe on the NIKE ID website and the publication on Facebook where users can vote for the one they like most.

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