Nike Social For The Lunarglide 2

Nike Social For The Lunarglide 2

I’ve been working on a really interesting Nike campaign for a few days. Brands have long understood that the present is social, but most of them do not understand its dynamics nor the strategies to be implemented.

Naturally, a brand like Nike is using social media a lot on the internet by involving its users (ie fans) in the campaigns it carries out. Write the future for the world championships just passed is one of the best examples of this year where users could vote who would be the protagonist of the world championship for them .. even if all the big testimonials were eliminated before the semifinals ..

On the same social red thread, Nike is now proposing a contest for the release of the new Lunarglide 2. The competition includes the customization of the shoe on the NIKE ID website and the publication on Facebook where users can vote for the one they like most.

Elizabeth A Smith

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